Workout Mistakes Causing Your Lower Back Pain

Posted on: 8 March 2016

Is your workout technique hurting your back? It could be there are things in your workout that shouldn't be there, and others that should be there but aren't. Losing weight, toning up, and building muscle cannot be achieved if your back is constantly in pain and stiff. Below are some key basics that you can practice and keep lower back pain at bay.

The Wrong Weights

Lifting heavy weights does not automatically lead to stronger muscles. Raising the bar on the weights you lift is a good thing, and it probably shows you've improved on muscle resistance. Unfortunately, some people want to move from lifting 30 kilos to lifting 80 kilos in a week. Eventually, this mistake leads to muscle strain or even a muscle tear.

In case of an injury, you may find yourself staying off exercise for a while, which will mean you've moved one step ahead, and two steps backwards. Lifting weights beyond your muscle ability will lead to a severe strain on your back, which overtime leads to back pain and injury.

Exposed Feet

There are many ways you can expose your feet to injury unconsciously. If you pay close attention to most workout moves, you'll notice they all require your feet to be in good shape. A durable, comfortable, and fitting pair of gym shoes is one sure way of protecting your feet. Imagine yourself doing squats with an ill-fitting shoe that makes you lose balance. You'll certainly end up thinking and worrying about the shoe instead of concentrating on being in the right posture for your squat.

Even worse than hurting your feet is the pressure transferred to your back and the risk that you can incur a back injury. Your feet are indeed the foundation of your body. So, if your feet suffer an injury or strain, they will change the alignment of structures they support, which include your back.

First Things Last

It's possible that you forget to do the things you are supposed to do first in your workout. It is critical to start every workout session with a good warm-up. Slow and steady jogging, cycling, or riding the elliptical trainer are among effective warm-up techniques. A good warm-up will help your body gain momentum correctly, that is, not too fast to cause muscle injury. Getting your body's groups of muscles ready for the workout helps create balance and reduce the amount of pressure and strain that will be subjected to your back.

No Remedy

Possibly the worst mistake you could make is failing to take caution and action once you realize you may have a muscle tear, strain, or another form of injury. If the muscles you target with a particular exercise don't work, most of the pressure will be transferred to other areas including your back. Don't strain yourself, instead, pay your doctor a visit and get a prescription, or get the right therapy from your chiropractor.

Don't let mistakes that are avoidable get you off your workout schedule.


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I was always really healthy and physically active until I got back ended leaving the gym one day. Not only was the back of my car trashed, but also my back and neck have never been the same again. I really miss being able to live my life with full movement and no pain. I hope I can get back to my pre injury state one day. This blog tracks my progress and my treatments with the chiropractors and other medical specialists and is a way for me to see how far I've come. It can be really useful to see how much progress I have made.

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