Reasons to Consider Spinal Decompression Therapy to Relieve Your Chronic Back Pain

Posted on: 10 February 2021

Chronic back pain, although common, is a condition that can have a severely negative impact on your overall wellness. Although you could see a doctor for back surgery to treat this condition, you may want to consider a non-invasive procedure in the form of spinal decompression therapy.

Carried out in a chiropractor's office, this mechanical treatment entails the gentle stretching of the patients' spine to relieve pressure from the vertebrae. By releasing the undue pressure, spinal discs that have bulged out will settle back into position, which alleviates the pain caused by pinched nerves. Below are a few reasons to consider spinal decompression therapy to relieve your chronic back pain.

The treatment is non-intrusive

One of the foremost reasons for the increasing popularity of spinal decompression therapy is the non-invasive nature of this procedure. Not only is back surgery expensive, but it also involves having to go through a recovery period. During this time, you will be unable to take care of your responsibilities because you will be required to stay off your feet while you heal. Not only can this bring your day-to-day obligations to a standstill, but it could also translate into lost wages.

With spinal decompression therapy, you do not have to worry about this because you can walk out of your chiropractor's office feeling much better than you did walking in. Moreover, you will not have to contend with any lingering pain while you heal because the procedure functions to eliminate the source of your discomfort without the need for surgery.

The treatment is fast and efficient

The second reason why you should consider getting spinal decompression therapy from your chiropractor is for the convenience that it offers. Although back surgery could eventually rid you of your chronic pain, you will have to endure a long and arduous process to get there. For starters, the admission process in the hospital will take time, so you have to clear out your day. Secondly, back surgery can last for hours depending on the type of operation, which will likely translate into having stay admitted in the hospital for longer than you thought.

Rather than spending a considerable amount of time in a hospital, you should consider spinal decompression therapy as a fast and efficient alternative. While the duration of this treatment will depend on the patient's unique needs, spinal decompression therapy usually does not take more than an hour, allowing you to schedule other tasks for your day.


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