Key Ways that Chiropractic Adjustments Eliminate Muscle Fatigue

Posted on: 8 August 2019

Do you often feel like your muscles are always tired? Are you experiencing on and off back pains and strains? The above experiences are caused by muscle fatigue, but unfortunately, most people ignore these feelings until the last minute. Muscle fatigue has become common today more than ever, and it is all thanks to the sedentary lifestyle that most people lead. For example, poor communication between body systems, inadequate motion and lack of hydration are all to blame for muscle fatigue. This article looks at how a chiropractor can help.

Improves System Communication

For your body muscles and joints to function well, they need to communicate successfully. If communication between these systems is not optimal, then it creates space for dysfunction and disruption that leads to muscle and joint pain. As the body's primary communication system, the nervous system sends and receives impulses to and from various parts and triggers the desired action. Therefore, if you have muscle pains, then the chances are that communication between the systems is hindered for some reason. However, through chiropractic practices, it is possible to improve the body's communication. For instance, back pains that are caused by displaced spinal discs interfere with nerve impulses. Therefore, corrective actions by a chiropractor align the discs, thereby releasing any pinched nerves and opening up communication channels.

Improves Motion

If the muscles and joints are restricted when it comes to their range of motion, then the pain is inevitable if you try to exceed the desired range. For example, most people neglect their hamstrings and end up with short and taut thigh muscles that cannot stretch fully. A patient with such an issue has a problem picking things from the ground or even climbing up a flight of stairs. That said, chiropractic adjustments allow the physician to improve the affected muscles' range of motion. If it is a case of tight leg or back muscles, then a chiropractor recommends exercises such as yoga to help stretch and hold muscles within a healthy range of motion.

Promotes Hydration

You must have heard and read studies that recommend that the average adult needs several glasses of water daily. However, if your body is not in an optimal state, water absorption is a challenge. For example, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, the body cells only absorb enough water to support your sedentary lifestyle. As such, your muscles only get a fraction of the required amount of water. In addition to exercise, chiropractic adjustments can reverse the situation by triggering less used muscles. For instance, dormant dehydrated muscles do not respond well to treatments such as stretches. However, exercise and chiropractic adjustments such as active isometric and passive stretches elongate and allow for adequate hydration of the muscles in question. 


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