Ways a Chiropractor Can Reduce Your Stress

Posted on: 27 December 2021

Stress and anxiety are common parts of life. Most people suffer from short bursts of them but can relax once their stressors disappear. Others find that they suffer from long-term stress, which has a negative impact on their daily life. If you're one of them, you may want to explore how a general chiropractor can lower your stress levels.

Releasing Tension Held in Muscles

Stress isn't just an emotional or mental experience. Eventually, it manifests itself through physical symptoms, including tension in your muscles. When that tension continues, you may find yourself entering a cycle where the physical sensations increase your stress levels, which then makes the tension worse. Without a physical release, you may struggle to relax.

Your chiropractor can perform an assessment to identify where you're holding tension. Once they know where the tension is, they can perform a spinal adjustment to introduce nerve signals that encourage your muscles to relax. They may also adjust the immediate area, which can offer instant relief from your discomfort.

Adjustments That Soothe Your Nerves

Alongside relaxing your muscles, spinal adjustments can soothe your nerves. When you're suffering from chronic stress, you may find that you experience pain and tingling in some parts of your body. This signals that your nervous system is in overdrive and that you need some relief.

As the roots of your nerves rest in your spinal column, an adjustment can soothe your nerves and lower your stress levels. Some adjustments also promote better blood flow, which can in turn reduce your fight or flight response. When you're producing fewer stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, you should naturally experience less stress.

Promoting a Better Night's Sleep

Stress and anxiety can cause you to suffer from poor sleep. Unfortunately, when you're not sleeping well, the daily stressors you encounter may feel slightly more overwhelming. Being able to sleep and relax more can make it easier for you to tackle life's challenges.

If your insomnia is exacerbated by muscle tension and unresolved pain, your chiropractor can help in several ways. They may prescribe a specific course of exercise and stretches so you can address muscular problems. They can also help you use exercise as a way of reducing some of your stress hormones. As stress hormones can keep you awake at night, this could help you sleep better.

If you feel as though seeing a chiropractor could help you experience less stress, make an appointment with a practitioner.


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