Reasons to Consider Spinal Decompression Therapy to Relieve Your Chronic Back Pain

Posted on: 10 February 2021

Chronic back pain, although common, is a condition that can have a severely negative impact on your overall wellness. Although you could see a doctor for back surgery to treat this condition, you may want to consider a non-invasive procedure in the form of spinal decompression therapy. Carried out in a chiropractor's office, this mechanical treatment entails the gentle stretching of the patients' spine to relieve pressure from the vertebrae. By releasing the undue pressure, spinal discs that have bulged out will settle back into position, which alleviates the pain caused by pinched nerves.
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Understanding Remedial Massage and Chiropractic Treatment

Posted on: 20 May 2020

If you suffer from muscle, tissue or joint pain due to an injury, bad posture, strain, misaligned bone structure, etc., you need to see a chiropractor, especially if the pain is centred on your back or backbone/spine, neck and shoulders. Here's what you need to know about remedial massage and chiropractic treatment: What Is Remedial Massage? Remedial massage is the application of pressure on various muscles in your body to ease pain and enhance healing.
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Key Ways that Chiropractic Adjustments Eliminate Muscle Fatigue

Posted on: 8 August 2019

Do you often feel like your muscles are always tired? Are you experiencing on and off back pains and strains? The above experiences are caused by muscle fatigue, but unfortunately, most people ignore these feelings until the last minute. Muscle fatigue has become common today more than ever, and it is all thanks to the sedentary lifestyle that most people lead. For example, poor communication between body systems, inadequate motion and lack of hydration are all to blame for muscle fatigue.
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3 Proven Ways Massage Therapy Could Reduce Your Underactive Thyroid Symptoms

Posted on: 16 January 2017

If you're currently suffering from underactive thyroid (known medically as hypothyroidism), you're not alone. Thyroid disorders affect roughly 486,000 people in Australia. While hormone replacement medications do exist to treat underactive thyroid, they can often take a long time to begin working, and some people feel that they don't see a noticeable reduction in their symptoms. If medication isn't working out for you or you've chosen to avoid using it, there is another way to relieve the negative effects of hypothyroidism: massage therapy.
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